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May - Sept 2020 
Speedy Crits offers time and space for artists to share work in development to a panel of peers.  It is based on the Group Crits that are often run as part of Art Degree courses.
Currently through the medium of Zoom, presenting artists share a digital folder of their work prior to the event.  The panel are then able to give the work far more consideration than perhaps they would usually.  This also allows for the hour long sessions to be focused and relevant.
Critical discourse can be an important and valuable part of the art process.  Sharing knowledge, experience and ideas with other artists also helps develop potential connections and collaborations.
Speedy Crits is held twice a month on a Wednesday afternoon via Zoom.
Depending on the ongoing situation with Covid-19 I hope to be able to make Speedy Crits more accessible by using a blended approach that includes physical and digital spaces.  This will be assessed at the end of this 3 month pilot project.
Speedy Crits is currently supported by Artspace Coventry.
In collaboration with Adam Neal
Co-opt Arty Party, Coventry, (2019)
A participatory workshop to explore artists’ experiences navigating the ‘art world’. Co-opting game show facets, ‘Mock the Weak’ operates as a framework from which we can discuss issues around accessibility, inclusion and diversity amongst others.
In collaboration with Adam Neal
End of Residency Event, Artspace Coventry, Arcadia Gallery, Coventry, (2019)
A conversation to share experiences of working as an artist, the challenges faced and potential resolutions.
"32 Brains", Arcadia Gallery, Coventry, (2019)
Provocation:  What would a game of Monopoly look like if it was a true representation of inequality gap faced by many when trying to access housing?
Participants used the Monopoly board as a starting point.  They were particularly interested in the Chance and Community Chest cards and a large part of the session concentrated on creating Positive cards and Negative cards.  Some participants then began to investigate how such a game could be played when there are so many variants in the current social structure.
Participants were keen to continue with exploring the idea of a game that provided a truthful account of how the odds are always in favour of the few and not the many.
Plans are in progress to facilitate a continuation of this workshop.

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