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Unseeing Art

Unseeing Art is a presentation of work that was made predominantly between 2020 and 2022. Most of the work shared here has previously been unseen in the public domain. It is work that I made but that didn't meet the narrative of my artistic practice. In an industry where image is important I did not feel I could share it as it might 'muddy' how others understood me. 

It has been 5 months of recovery, reflection, and recalibration and it has been scary to acknowledge that the kind of work I had been making and celebrating in the public domain no longer feels like it belongs to me. I have spent time going through old journals, sketchbooks, folders and hard-drives searching, reflecting, observing, and understanding this unseen work more.

I have made the decision to lean into this work and develop these processes of deconstructing words, phrases, conversation, lyrics, feelings, thoughts and environments. They are works that can be seen and unseen (see my blog Unseeing Art).

For now, I present them as a gallery of images. 

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