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The Devil's in the Details

Selected for the Outside In National Open, touring during 2023 at Sotheby's, London, Project Ability, Glasgow and Brighton & Hove Museums, Brighton.

The Devil’s In The Detail speaks to the words that we keep inside. It is about the human condition within society and a lack of support for people with ill mental health. It responds to a question often asked of people struggling with their mental health, “why didn’t you tell me?” or an outside judgement made on others
of, “why didn’t they listen?”. In spaces that do not feel safe, or people and places that we don’t want to burden, the mask becomes the external narrative. If we answer honestly, how often do we really say what’s on our mind’s?


"There are many things we don't say out loud to family, friends or even therapists. There is a fear but, more than that, a knowledge that it would be yet another responsibility for them and us to carry.

I have been in this unpopular club a long time. I understand my triggers, I am fine tuned to know when it is time to seek help. I never completely handover of my truth though."

"I continue working through rehabilitation following my stroke and acknowledge, with that comes, realisation.

A veteran at masking I can sometimes even fool myself."

The digital canvas has become my studio and my tools. It acts as a diary, a place of research and experimentation. An accessible space and surface.

Printed on Hahnemule photo rag pearl paper set in a 20mm mount board."

Digital painting, 670 x 500mm for sale at Outside In

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