2016 - 2019

Spectacle of the Society // iteration one
Taking inspiration from Debord's 'Society of the Spectacle' and Plato's Allegory of the Cave this experimental work explores fake news, post-truth and happy clickers in the wake of Trump, Brexit and the upcoming General Election and the almost religious fervour of political allegiance. Using as a starting point an essay written in 2017, 'Post Truth, Fake News and Happy Clickers'.
Moving image, installation and performance.
32 Brains
Influenced by semiotics and an exploration of language that is familiar and normalised, leading to micro hierarchies within contemporary society. Focusing on the stigma associated with residents of social housing in the UK, it is a critical reflection of lived and researched experiences in an era of poverty porn. Semiotics and visual aesthetics are juxtaposed with the harsh reality of living with stigma.
Exhibited at '32 Brains', solo show, Arcadia Gallery, City Arcade, Coventry. 2019
Worth Less.JPG
A moving image art work responding to mediated sexuality disseminated across our screens and how hyper-sexualisation of the banal has become so normal it is no longer questioned. The work also explores the power of advertising to control the masses and how this creates a hypnotic behaviour that can be used to affect and sway societal opinion.
Silent Black & White film. There is no inside without an outside, yet what lies in between? The duality of the threshold, keeper of the outside from the inside and the inside from the outside - but does it? 'Seepage' is a representation of the relationship between the inside and outside of the domestic dwelling through the dance of light and shadow: Is it one side or the other side or neither? A physical disorientation to reflect inner anxiety as the inside is compromised by the outside. A private
moment, fear, laid bare placing the viewer inside looking outside.
Exhibited at 'Project Coventry', Holyhead Studios, Coventry
Exhibited at '32 Brains', solo show, Arcadia Gallery, City Arcade, Coventry (2019)
Exhibited at 'Outside/Inside', part of Laboratory of Dissent II, CAS Arts, Winchester School of Art, Winchester
Seepage Still 2.JPG
Let Me Tell You a Story Still001.jpg
Let Me Tell You a Story
A moving image work with composed music and narration.  This work is a satirical expression of the sexualisation of the absurd and how this (sex) is used to sell to consumers.  Using the lyrics from multiple popular tracks, which either directly or indirectly reference sex, Kilby Nelson mixes selected lines to create a narrative description against the backdrop of a self-composed musical track.
Selected for exhibition at SVOX.TV (2020)
Fucking Normal Still015.jpg
This is Fucking Normal
Moving image work shown as part of Scratch the Surface Festival, Coventry in the first film zine globally. 30film30min30sec screened at The Tin Coventry. This Is Fucking Normal is a response to how we present ourselves on social media platforms and the use of emoji's as language.  Taking common emoji's as a starting point and using her own face to create animated hybrids.  This short video is also a commentary on what is perceived as normal as an action against the stigma associated with mental health conditions.