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Seepage (2019)

A black & white silent film first shown at Kilby-Nelson's solo exhibition, '32 Brains'.  Also selected for the CAS short film call out,  Laboratory of Dissent 2, Inside Outside, 4th November to 6th December 2019.


There is no inside without an outside, yet, what lies in the inbetween?  The duality of the threshold, the keeper of the outside from the inside and the inside from the outside, but does it?  'Seepage' is a representation of the relationship between the inside and outside of the domestic dwelling through the dance of light and shadow: What are the consequences of being othered due to housing status? A physical disorientation to reflect inner anxiety as the inside is compromised by the outside. A private moment, fear laid bare, placing the viewer inside looking outside. The viewer becomes the observer and the observed.