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Twin Stranger: Entangled State, a review: http://newartwestmidlands.co.uk/editorial/twin-stranger-entangled-state-reviewed-by-helen-kilby-nelson/?fbclid=IwAR2zqldRclLzCdiKClMieA6nnf07nBN_Km0_dvOllYCuDFSx0cl88yN5R24

"Are we really living in a democracy, or a cold war ideology re-imagined?"


The Twin at Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art: https://www.axisweb.org/article/the-twin-at-coventry-biennial-of-contemporary-art-2019/?fbclid=IwAR1PdilVZ0fSiTcCs3LRqGtN9JoCKZkgvDMZHo1-9NLUNm72bQpm9upNszw

"Do you ever feel that sense of trepidation when you've been looking forward to the sequel of a favourite



The Duality of Belonging : https://helenkilbynelson.anotherplacelikehome.com/the-duality-of-belonging 'Another Place Like Home',  Andrew Jackson. https://www.anotherplacelikehome.com/sy/info/about 

"During a conversation about a recent project I was working on, it was put to me that we are all searching, trying to belong.  I don't think I have but ..."

There Are No Endings: In collaboration with Adam Neal : https://coventry-artspace.co.uk/blog/there-are-no-endings/

"... developing a practice requires collaborations with others. Sharing experiences, knowledge and resources is ..."


32 Brains: https://coventry-artspace.co.uk/blog/graduate-artists-in-residence-june-blogspot/

"Identity, sense of self - there is much to think about and I wonder how much of that is wrapped up within a

sense of belonging."


Access Denied//Access Granted: https://coventry-artspace.co.uk/blog/graduates-in-residence-april-blogspot/

"I have no idea what I am doing and often wonder whether I should give up this being an artist malarky."


Access Denied: 360 Perpetuation: https://coventry-artspace.co.uk/blog/graduates-in-residence-march-blogspot/

"Two projects co-exist and create a tension as each encroaches on the space of the other within my thought 

processes.  I struggle to separate them, I work between them ..."


I am, yet what I am no-one cares or knows: https://coventry-artspace.co.uk/blog/graduates-in-residence-february-blogspot/

"I heard the whispers, saw the looks, even a pointed finger as we walked among the aisles."


Socially Engaged//I Think//Therefore I Am: https://coventry-artspace.co.uk/blog/graduates-in-residence-january-blogspot/

"... research into housing hierarchies has led to making work that responds to how our identity is often perceived

by others ..."



The more you know, the more you don't know: https://coventry-artspace.co.uk/blog/graduates-in-residence-november-blogspot/

"... human behaviour and how community and society is informed, exploring the cause and effect of these

behaviours, hierarchies and how much of it is influenced by ..."


On Backbone: https://coventry-artspace.co.uk/blog/from-artists-helen-kilby-nelson-and-sara-maycock/

"What thoughts and feelings do you have when you hear the term 'older women'?


Participating in Coventry Biennial: http://www.coventrybiennial.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Coventry-Biennial-Shifting-Ground-2018-DIGITAL.pdf

"Have you ever been a part of a group of people performing a can-can dance on a concrete ring road?"


Review: Sam Belinfante, Accordion: http://newartwestmidlands.co.uk/editorial/review-sam-belinfante-accordion/

"In the old press halls of the brutalist Coventry Evening Telegraph building ... I was intrigued to find out how the work responded to, and within, the dark industrial basements ..."



Reflections of a Participant: Helen Nelson on Repeator & Office for Art, Design & Technology: https://www.a-n.co.uk/blogs/repeator-office-for-art-design-and-technology/date/2017/07/

"Hello?  Hello can you hear me?  Yes. Where are you?  I'm outsdie looking out of the window. Where? - Here, near here."