Where Was I? - (Spectacle of the Society)

It began as 'Spectacle of the Society', back in 2019 between June and October and the discovery of the use of the QWERTY keyboard to play open source virtual instruments. The main instruments available are piano and synths.  Having loaned my music keyboard out I gave it a try and was quickly frustrated with the QWERTY keyboard as an alternative and the quality of the open source instruments available.  This was however the catalyst for the subsequent exploration and experimentation of language.

My thoughts at that time were, "I wonder what it would sound like if I typed a paragraph from a book into a virtual piano?"  It was a cacophony!  A cacophony that felt so representative of the chaos and disruption happening within the political and societal due to Brexit and the run up to a general election.

That then became my focus, to create a work that represented lack of transparency, misinformation and a zelous,religious like loyalty to a political party.
I also took inspiration from Guy Debord's, 'Society of the Spectacle' and Plato's, 'Allegory of the Cave', as I reflected and represented image overload and  hypnotic control.
At this point, the disharmonics are barely perceptible in the work - (the background piano track is a quote from 'Society of the Spectacle' transposed into musical notes) and I was sticking to my tried and tested process of using found, manipulated and created images to create the moving image.
I had the opportunity to experiment more with the work through my membership with Black Hole Club.  Using the space at Vivid Projects I projected the moving image onto the flat surface of the back wall.  In the middle of the space was a, font like, surface playing the same moving image not quite in time with it's partner.  I also experimented with performance in the space, dressed in religious'esque' robe and face mask.  Disrupting the space with my presence, shouting "Do you denounce emancipation?".
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