There Are Many Ways To Tell A Story

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Let Me Tell You A Story

I recently wrote a guest blog for the People Like Us website. It is probably the first time I have written quite so honestly about how I became to be an artist and why I continue to forge a career in the arts. The blog was also accepted for the BBC CRW (clip) radio show where an edited version was narrated by myself. I have never wanted to be defined by my mental health and so over the years have done my best to hide my struggles. This has caused a lot of problems over the years and now that I have finally found a career path that I absolutely want to succeed in I cannot keep pretending. I cannot run the risk of allowing this hidden part of me to destroy everything I have worked so hard for. I am finally allowing myself to admit, out loud, that I struggle on a daily basis, that those day to day activities and interactions that seem trivial to many, are huge things for me. I have learned over the few years since graduating that by trying to carry on as if I have no disability, I end up sabotaging something that I am passionate about. Pride really does come before a fall.

The full blog is on the People Like Us website and there are some great blogs on there that are also worth a read.

Which Bit of Me Do You Want

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