Reflection to Development - (Ode to MSM)


Following on from the opportunity to present 'Spectacle of the Society' at Black Hole Club I went into a period of isolation from October 2019 through to .... Then the UK went into lockdown in March 2020.

In the intervening months I have had time to reflect and evaluate the work.  In the early stages of a piece of work thoughts and ideas can often be a tsunami.  Multiple directions present themselves and it can be difficult to retain a focus.  I think this was where I was at, at that point.
I had lost myself in the context and moved away from the concept and the process.  Whilst context is important, it shouldn't, for me, be at the expense of the other two.  As an artist it is the concept and the process that I most enjoy.  It is those that facilitate a visual dialogue on a subject that I am passionate about.
Concept: to take the conventional language of the written word and music to create an alternative audio and visual language.
Process: to translate the written word into a musical score that is not instructed by melody but by the placement of letters on a QWERTY keyboard.
Context: Language has power, it can be both transparent and opaque - saying one thing and meaning another. It can inform and misinform. We live in a post-truth age, disharmony is the normality. For many, information is gleaned from newspapers and news channels. The trust in such sources is in question. 


Getting back to the concept and exploring and experimenting through process.  Initially only using an iPad as my tool, and transposing a couple of words into musical notes.  As well as using a digital image of a music score to experiment on.
The software allowed me to create multiple frames that could be output as a moving image.  This is when movement became something more, but not yet fully acknowledged in my thought processes. 
Language is movement, undulating tones, ink across a page, eyes scanning words, notes up and down a stave, images flickering across a screen.
This also brought me to consider shapes - what is the shape of language?
At this point I am giving no consideration to colour choices.

Material: I've been collecting news headlines over the last month, not on a daily basis, but frequently.  Using the common code for QWERTY to Piano Keyboard I've selected a few to experiment further.

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