Physicality & Materiality - (Ode to MSM)

Process:The work had been very digitally based up to this point in terms of production.  
I felt I needed to take the work into a more physical form of making.
Using a musical stave and transparent paper to look at the shape of the language being used in the mainstream media (MSM).
I did end up then photographing the musical score and importing it into digital software to further experiment with movement of those shapes.
I have included bar lines to represent the end of each word, there is no instruction on timing which creates an uncomfortable and unstructured score.

Thoughts: When I am typing words into a virtual piano, the rhythm I adopt is the one drilled into me when I learned touch typing.  It is a muscle memory that is very difficult to unlearn.  I don't see this as problematic though, as this is how text is typed, it has its own staccato like rhythm.  In opposition to this is handwriting, which is more fluid and curvaceous in its form.  Reading also has a rhythm informed by how we are taught to construct and speak sentences.

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