Have you rejected the evidence of your eyes and ears?

Following on from the 'Alphabetically coloured in music' I got thinking about art as visual language and other forms of visual language. I don't think many of us have escaped the various graphs at the Government daily briefings. Are these graphs actual representations of truth or versions of different truth's? As I sit listening to the verbal explanations that are presented alongside them, I feel a complete disconnect with what I'm seeing and what I'm hearing. It identified more clearly that this is what my current focus is on. Disconnects between different forms of language. It also brings to mind a quote from George Orwell's, 1984

"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."

Top News 27.05.2020

Can we trust what we see and hear though?

I'm presenting, in the image above, one of the top news stories of the 27th May. I can tell you it says "Johnson to face senior MPs over Cummings and his handling of pandemic". It could actually say "I think you're an idiot for believing what you see and hear". In much the same way as we have been experiencing the language of the Government. The "Stay at Home" message apparently didn't mean stay at home after all!

I am also expecting you take, on trust, that I am carefully following my hybrid code - which I am! Again there is a parallel here with the public having to accept the figures being presented to them and that they have been accurately collated.

These parallels weren't apparent to me until I began experimenting with a graph style headline.

Experimenting in 3D with the shape of language

I have referred to the shape of language in my blog post 'Reflection to Development". I only have plasticine to hand at the moment, which wasn't particularly satisfactory. I've been thinking about different ways in which text has been presented by other artists - whether that be in zine format, neon, small, large, huge. Text as art. Artists I have been looking at include:

Guerilla Girls

Barbara Kruger

Tracey Emin

Jenny Holzer

Bruce Nauman

I am lacking in my knowledge of sculpture and artists using sculpture or other 3D forms to express the spoken word and written language. I would also like pointers towards other artists who have directly approached the subject of language in relation to the mainstream media and social media. Also artists who have looked at the correlation of words and music in some form.

I am going to be concentrating my focus on how this hybrid language sounds in the coming weeks, but I will also be spending some time reflecting on how this concept is developing. I will be looking at how language, more specifically sound, presents as shapes in the form of soundwaves for example.

If you have any comments please post them in the comments section. There is a 'sign up button' that will give you access to do this if you wish.

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