Does Language Move?

As an artist I am more comfortable working within digital spaces or integrating work made in physical spaces into the digital. With so much of our lives now taking place in online spaces and much of what my work critiques is given a digital platform, it makes sense that my work is created within the same spaces.

I've previously referred to how language moves. The movement of pen on paper as the words are formed. The utterance of words into open space, there and then gone. I also began to think about how many of us now receive our news. Sales of newspapers is around 9.5M to 15M (a). This is a decrease of over 50% in the last 8 years (b). So where are the remaining 48%+ getting their news from? Television and online are now the most used for news with social media as a portal for news on the increase.

It feels important that this hybrid language that I'm creating can reside within all spaces in the same way the dissemination of news does. It also feels important to represent this movement of crossing spaces, and the fluidity of words. Using the 3 main colours of newspapers, white, red and black I created a Gif from the three newspaper titles:

The Sun, The Times, the Daily Star

At the opposite of the fast moving Gif, I recorded the movement of my pen on the screen of my tablet as I repeated the shapes in digital form.



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