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For the Sake of a Shilling

(2019 edit)

Epigenetics, episodic and semantic memory continue to be researched to establish whether we inherit memories from our ancestors.  This moving image and installation art work is an abstract visual representation of Kilby-Nelson's narrative of the history of her family over the last three centuries.  With no shared family narrative to work from it was at times frustrating, eye opening and thought provoking.  Some secrets will remain buried forever, some stories are not hers to tell.  A journey that stems from the mid 18th Century until 1914 in the the city of Coventry.  Within the work are hidden thoughts, images, texts and official records reimagined into an installation with projected moving image.  Representing lost memories, fractured narrative, identity and place.

The work has been exhibited at the Spon Spun Festival and follow-up exhibition 'Reinvention' and received the Curators Choice 2nd prize in 2018.  Images shown are taken from the 2019 edit created for the Project Coventry exhibition.  The work will be going on tour with Project Coventry during 2020.