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2021 - 2023 MA Art & Education Practices, Birmingham City University

2015 - 2018 BA (Hons) 1st - Fine Art & Contemporary Cultures, University of Gloucester



2018 - Curators Choice Award, Spon Spun Festival, 2nd Place

2017 - Warwick University, Certificate of Excellence, Centre for Culture & Media Policy Studies: Professional Practice in Evaluation Research

Professional Development 

2021 Social Art Library x Axis x Social Art Network

- Selected artist & bursary award for "Storytelling for Artists" with Debs Newbold

2020 New Art West Midlands - selected for studio visit with Ikon Gallery Curator, Melanie Pocock

2020 Fellow -  AD:vantage Leadership Programme, Lead With Advantage

2020 Active Reality Research Lab, NAWM & The New Art Gallery Walsall

Oct 2018 Older Women, Art of Coventry Artist Development Programme, Coventry Artspace



April 2021 Novi Sad, Serbia, School of Participation, Making Art That Matters, Walk the Plank x Creative Europe Programme

Oct 2019 Documenting The Twin, Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art, Instagram takeover, Axisweb



Oct 2019 Orrbbitt Online Instagram Residency, Orrbbitt



2018-2019 Graduate Artist in Residence, Coventry Artspace (Sept 2018 - Sept 2019)


Nov 2018 Bear & Ragged Staff - Ideas of the Rural, Coventry Biennial 


2023 'Humanity', Sotheby's, London; Project Ability, Glasgow; Brighton & Hove Museums, Brighton

2022 'Dear Brum', Selfridges x Birmingham City University Project - Group exhibition Invisible Cities

2021  'I Apostrophe S', Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art: HYPER-POSSIBLE

2021 'Lockdown Lullabies', LTB, Coventry

2020 'Resurgence', 'It Gets Lighter From Here', Vivid Projects & Culture Centre

2020 'I Am Not' & 'This is Fucking Normal', ''Art & Activism', Group Virtual Exhibition, Outside In

          Frieze Top Ten Virtual Exhibition across the UK & Ireland

2020 '32 Brains', online 

2020 '32 Brains', SVOX.TV online streaming film exhibition

2019 'Seepage', Open Projects, Coventry Cathedral, Coventry

2019 'Seepage', Big Screen, Inside Outside, Laboratory of Dissent 2, Winchester School of Art, Winchester

2019 '32 Brains', Solo show, Artspace Arcadia Gallery Coventry

2019 'For the Sake of a Shilling', Project Coventry, Group Show, Class Room & Holyhead Studios, Coventry

2019 'Worth//Less', Black Hole Club 2019 Launch, Group Show, Vivid Projects, Birmingham

2018 '32 Brains', Art of Coventry, Arcadia Gallery, Coventry

2018 'For the Sake of a Shilling', Spon Spun Festival, Arcadia Gallery, Coventry 

2018 'Worth//Less', The Other Side of June, Leamington Spa

2018 'Society', My Muse, Picture House, Stratford upon Avon

2017 'This is Fucking Normal', 30seconds30minutes30film, End//Begin//Dialogue, Scratch the Surface Festival, The Tin, Coventry

Programme Creation & Development

2021  'Navigating Disaster', artist development game, co-creator, (Coventry Artspace)

2021 'Working in the Public Realm', artist development game, co-creator (Coventry Artspace)

2021 'Speedy Crits', artist support, creator & programme manager. (Coventry Artspace)

Lecturing and Mentoring

2018 Manifesting Practice module temporary tutor and mentor

BA Fine Art and Contemporary Cultures, Warwickshire College Group



2021 Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art, Board member


2021 Coventry Artspace, Advisory Group member

2019 Cohort, Black Hole Club, Vivid Projects, Birmingham ( March 2019 to December 2019)


2021 'Disobedient Art', S-o-A Community Art Project, Stratford upon Avon

2019 'Re-imagining Monopoly', Coventry

2019 'Mock the Weak', Coventry


2021              'Communi-Tea', Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art: HYPER-POSSIBLE

2021              'Clopton Comedy Club', S-o-A Community Art Project, Stratford upon Avon

2020 - 2022   Stratford upon Avon Community Arts Project

2019               Artists Wot Meet, Artist-led Networking Group, Leamington Spa, co-founder

2018 -             S-o-A District Tenant Group, Stratford upon Avon

2017 - 2019    The Shared Collective, Artist-led Development Group, co-founder


2022               'Chatterbox Art School', Workshop, Online

2021               'Communi-tea', In the City x Coventry Biennial: HYPER-POSSIBLE

2021               'A Parallel State', Beyond the Anthropocene, Coventry Biennial, 

2021               'A Parallel State x DONCASTER', Public Art Forum, Art Bomb, Doncaster, co-curator

2021                S-o-A Community Art Project Summer Workshop Programme, Stratford upon Avon, curator and project manager

2020               'Speedy Crits', Programme Manager, Online Artist Development, Artspace Coventry

2019               ‘Mock the Weak’, Workshop co-creator, Spam & Chips, Co-op(t) Arty Party 2: Integrate, Coventry

2019               ‘What Do Artists Do All Day?’, Kilby-Nelson & Neal, A Conversation, Arcadia Gallery, Coventry

2019               ‘Re-imagining Monopoly’, Workshop, ‘32 Brains’, creator & workshop lead, Arcadia Gallery, Coventry

Talks and Panels

November 2021 - Arts and Activism, Arts Rising, Stratford upon Avon

October 2021 - ArtsLab Launch, Birmingham City University

April 2021 - Hello Culture x Coventry: Come Together

Dec 2020 - Coventry Artspace Artist Development Research

Oct 2020 - Birmingham 2020  Digital & Gaming Roundtable


2021 -             'Whose Story Is It?', Social Art Library

Nov 2020 -      'Home Complex Home', Coventry Biennial Communiqué Four

Nov 2019         Review - Twin Stranger: Entangled State, New Art West Midlands


Nov 2019         The Twin at Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art, 2019, Axisweb, website & e-bulletin

Aug 2019         The Duality of Belonging, ‘Another Place Like Home’, Andrew Jackson

Nov 2018

To May 2019    Graduate Artist in Residence Monthly Blog, Coventry Artspace Website

2018                Shifting Ground, Participating in Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2017. Coventry Biennial

2018                New Art West Midlands, Review: Sam Belinfante, Accordion, Coventry

Selected Press

2021                'AD:Vantage Leadership Programme', Interview, New Art West Midlands

2021                '21 Announcements', Communiquè Five, Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2021

2021                'Top Ten Virtual Shows Across the UK & Ireland', Outside In, 'Art & Activism', Frieze Magazine

2020                'Studio Visit Artists Announced', New Art West Midlands

2019                ‘Q&A’, New Art West Midlands, Editorial

2019                ‘Digital Living’, Axisweb Monthly Playlist

2019                ‘Artist Spotlight’, Interview, Curating Coventry, Wordpress Blog

2019                ‘360° Perpetuation’, Axisweb Weekly Highlights

2019                ‘For the Sake of a Shilling’, Axisweb, Sound & Vision, Five to Watch

2018                ‘Housing Hierarchy’, Axisweb Weekly Highlights

2018                ‘Worth//Less’, Axisweb Weekly Highlights

2018                ‘For the Sake of a Shilling’, Prize Winner, Spon Spun Arts & Heritage Festival

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