Helen Kilby Nelson is a multi-disciplinary, neurodivergent artist based in rural Warwickshire.


Helen’s practice is informed by social and political issues in Western culture, including socio-economic inequality, disability, class discrimination, ageism and gender inequality. Working across media within post-digital and socially engaged approaches using processes that include: written word, moving image, photography, music, and found images to create sculptural installations and 2D works, performance and collaboration.


Helen identifies as working class and has lived experience of living with a long term health condition.  Through these experiences she has observed and experienced the impact of being disadvantaged and the effects on identity, opportunity, inclusion and belonging.


Helen continually questions the human condition and society, forensically peeling away layers of information and misinformation, meanings and subliminal messages, within the multiple ways we experience language.


Her methods of working include solo, collaborative, participatory and facilitation. 

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