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Educational Games Creation & Development

"I've always loved playing games, whether they are board games, app games, console games, group games... - they come with instructions, tools to use, objectives and strategies (strategy games are a particular favourite).  One of my favourite games since childhood is Monopoly.  I know it's one of those games you either love or hate.  Created by Lizzie Magie in the early 20th Century it was a commentary on the money hungry and monopolist landlords.  I still enjoy playing the game because it's the only chance I'm likely to have of 'owning property'!

Other games I play frequently are Elves & Dwarves, for phones and tablets and The Sims on PC and phone app. I play a few others but not very often as I don't have the time.

I'm not the first artist to be inspired by or to create games and I won't be the last I'm sure.  Towards the end of 2018 I began to look at games and how they might fit within the narratives of my ever developing practice.  A particular focus within my practice is to address inequalities and hierarchies within society but also within the Arts.  Using game formats as starting points to interrogate, to discuss, and to develop knowledge on particular areas of investigation.

My blog 'GAME ON: rethinking how we teach, learn and the spaces within which this happens' talks about some of the projects I have worked on that have co-opted game strategies to produce, artist development games, creative community workshops and educational tools such as the "Chatterbox Art School", an art school that fits in your pocket.  I have run online chatterbox workshops for mental health support and artist development with groups of between 4 and 8 people.

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